Warlock Leveling Challenge

Level any new character to 45 within three weeks and get exceptional rewards.


With the launch of Unchained on March 2—and the new Warlock class—we’re challenging everyone to level up a new character before March 23, and get some incredible rewards when they do.

Any character that is level 10 or under when Unchained releases on March 2, and that reaches level 45 before maintenance on March 23, will receive an upgrade bundle and first chance at the Temptation costume.

The upgrade bundle includes all of these non-tradable items:

  • Warrior’s Tokens x30
  • Siren’s Emblem x20
  • Pirate’s Emblem x20
  • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm x15
  • Naryu Silver x10
  • Element of Luck x5
  • Lucky Jewel x5

Temptation Outfit




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