Naryu Labyrinth Guide

As the name ‘Naryu labyrinth’ suggests, this dungeon is similar in the sense that it is like a maze and every run will be different (barring the main 3 bosses).

Each room in the dungeon has multiple doors and every time you clear a room a random one will open which makes each run different. Firstly i will attempt to list all of the different rooms that can come up as they must be cleared in different ways in order to progress.

For a full video run through of the dungeon click here

Standard mini-boss room – Simply kill the boss in the middle to progress

Forcemaster mini-boss with extra adds room – You may come across a room with a forcemaster in the middle. About half way through the fight he will spawn multiple adds (robot adds that are similar to the ones where the terrors spawn in the misty woods) and then become invulnerable. The adds will either be red or blue and in order to kill the mini boss you have to destroy all the BLUE ones. Once they are dead, he becomes killable.

Fish room – This room has multiple ‘fish like’ mobs (like the ones that are with slashimi from BSC). You will also notice 2 places where you can pick up bombs. The goal here is to pick up a bomb and throw it at the fish which kills them. It is not as easy as it sounds though as the fish constantly go underwater knocking you up each time if you get in their way.

RNG room – There will be multiple pillars in the room but only 1 will open the door so you can progress. The others will either spawn groups of mobs or cause a room wide wave of damage which will take away about half your health. Keep trying until you find the right pillar and heal up before you pull the next one each time.

Kill the right guy rooms – There are a number of these rooms and in general the rooms will be full of mobs but you only need to kill ONE guy to trigger the door to open. This guy is normally the ‘commander’ and you can pick him out easily as they are normally taller/larger than the mobs around them. Another example of this room is the one guy you have to kill will be wearing a different color outfit to the rest of the mobs (so if the normal trash mobs are wearing black, look for the white one – if they are wearing white, look for the one in black)

General rooms – You will come across many rooms where you simply need to jump/glide across to the islands around the room and make your way to the other side. These rooms will all have levers on the other side which will open the door ahead so you can progress. However, the levers in this room trigger a laser which will wipe out everything that is on the floor of the room at that point (including enemies).

Once the lever has been used and the laser is activated, a dragon pulse will spawn in the far right corner of the room which can be used to get on top if you couldn’t make the jump.

Be sure to let your team mates know if you’ve fallen so you have time to reach the dragon pulse and use it before the laser hits and kills you. Or alternatively, your group can clear the whole room and the dragon pulse will appear. Use the pulse and THEN use the lever as the laser will still activate even if you do it this way.

Any rooms missed will be added at a later date!

The dungeon itself is pretty linear so it’s hard to get lost. Simply follow the path once the doors open and you’re good. Let’s move onto the bosses.

Boss -1 Minou


Minou Naryu Labyrinth


This boss looks like a minotaur and has a huge axe. You can start off by dpsing him normally. His attacks are very simple at this point and include normal swipe attacks from the front and back and an AOE spin attack. If you’re ranged and have aggro he will leap at you.

After a while he will trigger the 4 walls around the room to turn red. Once this happens he will charge at the person who has aggro. If you have aggro you want to stand next to one of the red walls. When he starts charging at you move out the way and let him ram into the wall. When this happens he will get stunned and you can dps him for a few seconds without him attacking you.

At this point he will do 2 new attacks. 1 is a red AOE attack which needs to be avoided or iframed. The other is he will spawn multiple mini minotaurs on the side of the room he is on and they will charge in the opposite direction. To avoid this attack simply stand in the areas between each minotaur so they don’t hit you. He will follow this same attack pattern until he is dead.

Note he does have an enrage timer so you cannot spend too long trying to kill him.

Boss 2 – Be Ido


Be Ido Naryu Labyrinth


Be Ido is an annoying forcemaster. As soon as you start hitting him he will spawn 3 other force master around the room. These forcemasters need to be tanked individually by members of your party or by a summoners cat. The idea is to hit them so they target you – do not attempt to kill them. In addition you do not want 1 person to tank all 3 extra adds as they will use phantom grip and kill you pretty quickly.

Once you have this down and begin fighting you will notice either a fire or ice AOE effect surrounding Be Ido and the other forcemasters. You will also notice that while these effects are active your dps on Be Ido is heavily reduced and you will getting ‘stacks’ of fire or ice damage on your debuff bar. These effects act as a shield for Be Ido and need to be removed – i will explain how this is done now.

First off, unless you are the assigned ‘stacker’ who’s role it is to remove Be Ido’s shield (i will explain this role momentarily) you do not want to let these stacks go over 10 as they trigger a bomb AOE effect and will damage you and anyone around you.

To remove Be Ido’s shield (stackers role) you basically need to stack 10 of the opposite effect on Be Ido and then let the bomb explode on him (so if he has the ice ring effect around him, you have to stack the fire effect and vise versa if he has the fire ring). If done correctly, the effect will disappear and you can beat the crap outta him with your strongest attacks. Make sure your whole party attacks him during this time as well. At this point he will do 1 large AOE attack which you can interrupt or iframe. Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

Main Bosses Fujin Raijin


Fujin Raijin Naryu Labyrinth


When you get to the boss room you will have to defeat Fujin alone first. Once he is dead, Raijin will jump in and resurrect Fujin and then you will fight them together.

Fujin alone is rather easy. It gives you the opportunity to learn his attacks for the main fight. His attacks include

  • A 2 hit combo.
  • 360 degrees AOE circle attack.
  • Jump back and charge attack (he will jump far back and will charge at you with a kick – can be blocked).
  • Multiple kick attack ( he will charge his kick and then release blasts at different members of your party.

For the main fight with both of them, you want to have 2 tanks and you want split them up while fighting. They must be killed around 30-45 seconds of each other.

During the fight Fujin (the blue one) will spawn multiple small tornado’s and they will travel throughout the room knocking up anything that gets in its path.

He has the same attacks as the first time you fight him as well as an added AOE attack that covers the whole floor and must be iframed.

Raijin (the yellow one) will spawn multiple ice bolts and they will travel throughout the room stunning anything that gets in its path.

Raijin has some standard attacks similar to the Fujins first phase but he also has:

  • 90 degrees red AOE attack (he covers about 90 degrees area ahead of him in electricity and if you stand in it you will get stunned take damage multiple times – it is active for about 5 seconds)
  • Grab attack – you do not want to get too far from this guy as his grab attack does heavy damage.
  • AOE rain attack – (very similar to Hae Mujins rain attack in BSH) Just avoid the AOE circles until he is done.

If you take too long killing them they also have an enrage attack which covers the whole room.


The 4 man version of this dungeon drops the Fujin and Raijin costumes. The 6 man version will give you labyrinth artifacts so you can craft a Moonwater Soul (gives 10 AP) and drops pieces of the labyrinth soul shield set.

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