Mushin Tower Guide – Floors 1-7

The first 7 floors of Mushin Tower are due to be released on the 10th of February. We have put together a guide which will provide you with some extra information regarding each floor.

Floor 1


Mushin Tower Floor 1 Mushin Tower Floor 1.1


As soon as you enter, you will notice 6 banners in the room (3 on each side). Each banner represents a class and the one you pick is the one you will fight. In general I like to pick a melee class as ranged classes like Forcemasters are annoying to fight. This is my personal preference though – remember, some classes are better at fighting others. Once you trigger the banner, your opponent will spawn in the middle of the room.

You will have to to do this 2 times and you cannot pick to fight the same class twice.  The bosses you fight possess standard class skills which are very easy to negate/dodge etc. This fight is also a good indicator on your power/skill level. If you are really struggling you may want to get some new gear as this is the easiest floor – it will only get harder.

Click here to watch me fight the Blademaster & Destroyer on Floor 1.

Floor 2


Mushin Tower Floor 2


Follow the stairs up and the door will open to reveal the second floor guardian.Oh wait he looks familiar? That’s right, it’s the Golden Deva from the sands!

This guy not only looks like the Deva but attacks like him too, their attacks are very similar. Just time your blocks/iframes to avoid his AOE’s and you should be fine. When he hits his hammer on the floor be careful because part of the floor will be covered in flames and if you stand in it you will take damage. Just move away and then start beating on him again. Other than that he is very easy to kill. If you are are Forcemaster or Summoner, stay fairly close to him when you attack because if you don’t he will continually jump at you smashing his hammer on your skull!.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 2.

Floor 3


Mushin Tower Floor 3


This floor can be tricky for some classes. When you enter the room you will notice the boss in the middle along with multiple groups of extra mobs along the side. It’s worth noting that these mobs will not attack you unless you get too close – target only the mini boss & any ads they come with. However, you will want to kill them a few at a time and i will explain why a a little later.

On this floor you will fight a total of 4 mini-bosses and in this order: KFM > Ranger > KFM > KFM. Once you have killed one you will have approximately 20 seconds before the next one runs into the room. You can use this time to heal up or kill the mobs around the sides. As long as you are not too close to the middle the new boss that shows up will not aggro you.

The first 2 bosses are fairly straight forward. The third one will come with extra mobs that shoot cannons at you. You do NOT want to target them as they will continually respawn. Kill the third boss to stop them spawning.

The last boss is also a KFM and again he has generic attacks which do not make him very hard to beat.

Important: When you reach the last boss if you have NOT killed the extra mobs along the side they will automatically aggro you this is why it is very important to take out a few packs when you’re waiting for a boss to show up or while you’re killing one of them. You will probably not survive if you have to fight them all at once.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 3.

Floor 4


Mushin Tower Floor 4


As you enter floor 4, you will notice an npc vendor along with a few other people sitting down and the boss in the middle. Talk to the vendor and purchase the ‘pill’. Now, you get to pick 1 person to feed this too and then they will fight along side you. Each person around the room is a different class. In general, the Assassin/Forcemaster does the most damage and the Blademaster/Kungfu master are more tanky. As soon as you do this, the fight will start.

Remember the very first world boss Stalker Jiangshi? Well, you could say this is his brother because they look very similar and have very similar attacks.

A few of his attacks that are worth noting include:

  • 360° red AOE attack that knocks you down (must be iframed to dodge)
  • 180° claw attack. (he dives forwards then does a claw combo attack, you do not want to get caught in it)
  • He summons 2 ads regular throughout the fight (He raises both arms for a few seconds and they spawn – this can be cancelled if you CC him in time)

Other than these attacks, he has a few other basic standard claw attacks. During the fight it is recommended that you kill the ads he spawns as quick as possible as you do not want to be taking damage from 3 mobs. Also, as long as you are able to avoid his 2 AOE attacks you should be able to complete this floor fairly easily.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 4

Floor 5


Mushin Tower Floor 5


When you enter floor 5 you will see the big rock boss and around him will be 4 small relics. These relics give you buffs when you they are active and you stand in them.

Red: Critical hit rate +50% for 30 secs. +200 Additional dmg. +50 piercing. Regain Focus every hit.

Green: Attack power +50. Piercing +200

Blue: Critical Hit rate +50%.

White: Defense increase. 

Be sure to get these throughout the fight. His attacks include:

  • Standard punch/claw attacks.
  • 90° claw attack.
  • Frontal claw attack.
  • 360° red AOE attack. (He pulls you in then charges an attack for a second and hits you)
  • 360° red AOE spinning attack.
  • If you are far away from him he will throw giant rocks at you or roll into a ball and charge towards you. Ranged attacks should stay close when they attack him.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 5.

Floor 6


Mushin Tower Floor 6


When you enter floor 6, go vendor on the right and purchase the essence of life – Use the the token on the wheel next to it, this will decide who you will fight. There are a total of 5 possible bosses you can fight here.

The first four have very similar attacks to their versions on the Big 4 dungeons so if you’d like to read them click the links for each one. If you’re lucky enough to roll the piggy on the wheel you get a free pass as it has 1 hp.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 6.

Floor 7


Mushin Tower Floor 7


On this floor you will fight Jung-Ha-Do and he is very tough. Jung ha do is a Blademaster and he has a number a skills he uses throughout the fight which can deal significant damage if not dealt with correctly, these include:

  • 5 Point strike attack (like a BM)
  • Ice AOE (it covers different areas of the room with small ice AOE circles)
  • Frontal blade attack (narrow but extends long –  does a yellow blockable and red unblockable version). Red version needs to be iframed or avoided completely.
  • He gets a red aura around his feet which means he goes invulnerable.
  • Red 360° attack – this has a small radius but deals a lot of damage.
  • Blindside (Like a BM’s Q or E – he will move behind you)
  • Blade Call (Like a BM’s V AOE attack)
  • Dash attack – He will dash at you and hit you with a few hit sword combo
  • Teleport & sword attack (He will teleport to you and attack you which can stun)

During the fight, you do not want to get caught in any of his cc skills or combos. If you are and he knocks you up, you will take heavy damage. In general you want to keep your health up as his attacks do a lot of damage and you need to pay attention and find ways to negate his attacks on your specific class.

The best tip we can give here is to learn his attack pattern. Once you’ve learned this and are able to last long enough to fight you have to meet the DPS check because this fight has an enrage timer meaning if you do not kill him in 5 minutes he will become invulnerable.

Click here to watch me clear Floor 7.


  • Warrior Tokens (can be used to trade for the Mushin tower soul shield set).
  • Mushin tower soul shield.
  • Pale Jiangshi raiment costume (Floor 4).
  • Jung Ha Do’s hat (Floor 7).
  • A number of different weapons from each floor.
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