BloodShade Harbor Guide

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First off it must be noted that the bosses here have enrage timers so it is recommended at the very least you have a true profane weapon with a full Poharan soul shield set and a 25 AP diamond.

Before you enter, confirm with the party leader if you’re going to kill extra mobs or just run past them. Parties often wipe because people run ahead and leave others behind to kill a mountain of trash mobs by themselves. This guide will focus on skipping mobs.

Enter the dungeon and run past the few mobs. Ahead on the left you have to kill the named in order to access the path to the right. Once this is done proceed down the right path running past everything. You will notice a dragon pulse on the left – that is where you need to go.

After you’ve used the dragon pulse and are in the next area jump over the 3 patrolling mobs. Ahead you may well get caught in the next few mobs, if so kill them and if not just run ahead. Once you get into the open area ahead you need to jump onto the crates on the left hand hand side. (See pic below)


Bloodshade Harbor 1


Run down to the end of the crates and look right – you will see another crate you can get onto if you windstride – do it. After this look straight ahead, you need to windstride across and then run up the container.

Note: Be careful when running on containers as there are archers scattered across the top all over the dungeon and they are very annoying if you get too close and aggro them.

Once you’re ontop of said container, you need to jump down on the other side and kill the named miniboss so the path opens which will give you access to the first boss of the dungeon.

Venomous Thrasher


Bloodshade Harbor Venomous Thrasher


This is the first boss of Bloodshade Harbor. You can stand in the middle without aggro’ing it.

When you’re ready you can start dps’ing him. His attacks during the first phase are pretty lax and easy to dodge. They include a 360 degrees spin attack and some swipe attacks. He will cycle through these attacks 4 times and then jump onto the ceiling and enter phase 2.

When he enters phase 2, pick up the gun and start breaking the eggs. (Press 1 to break the eggs). Any eggs that remain after phase 2 is over will spawn in 100k hp mites. You will notice a cloud appearing after each egg you destroy. Standing in the cloud will block any projectiles he launches at you.

At this point you will probably be poisoned and have what looks like green eggs forming on your character. If you see this run under one of the 4 waterfalls and it will remove it as well as giving you a movement speed and attack bonuses for 12 seconds. If you do not remove this debuff and he does his roar attack you will take significant damage and probably die.

After all the eggs are destroyed shoot at him with your gun until he lands back on the ground, then drop your gun and start dps’ing him again. He will do his roar at this time so as mentioned earlier make sure you have cleansed your debuff by running under the waterfall. After this he will go back to phase 1 and repeat the same process.

If you take too long he will enter his enrage timer which is an endless spam of roars.

After he’s dead run up the wall and proceed into the next area.

Run straight ahead past the mobs and up the containers on the left. Be sure to run through the middle as there are archers on the sides.

Bloodshade Harbor 2


Then if you look straight ahead you you need to glide across and windstride up the containers ahead. (See pic below)




When you’re ontop of the containers shown in the picture above, you are going to start gliding again. You will need to jump and glide right following the path ahead. Once you have glided around the corner you will notice some crates on the right that is where you need to land.


Bloodshade Harbor 4


When everyone is together proceed forwards and kill the named so you to get access to the next part. You’ve made it to the next boss.

Blood Mane


Blood Mane Bloodshade harbour


This boss has big dps check so make sure you’re prepared.

Start off by dps’ing him and avoiding his basic attacks. They include a 360 degrees spin attack and a few different swipe attacks. After a little he will say “Do not look down on me!” and then start to charge up his AOE roar attack (he will say this every time before he does it). Luckily this can be interrupted so be sure to save a CC skill so you can joint attack him.

At this point the add’s (machine ones) on the sides of the room will become active. Basically they will travel from one side to the other dealing damage to everything in it’s path ( Even Bloodmane). This is why it is best to fight him in the middle so you can see them early and avoid getting hit by them yourself. Try to make sure the add’s hit Bloodmane as he has a lot of hp and they will stack bleeds on him which are crucial to dropping him before the enrage timer.

Once he’s dead run up the wall and into the next area.

In the next part simply follow the path ahead (killing if you wish) up until the fire barrier. Kill the named there (keeping away from the barrier) This will open up the path which will take you to the last mini boss(s) the Widow sisters.

Scarlet & Cobalt Widow


Scarlet and Cobalt Widow


Split your group in teams of 3 and fight them. Scarlet uses fire based attacks and Cobalt uses ice.

It’s a good idea to fight them a little bit away from each other as they both use AOE attacks and you could get caught in them if they get too close. Please note however that you do not get too close to the sides as there are fire barriers and the widows do use knockback attacks which can knock you back into the fire which is insta death.

In terms of attacks both of them have a red 360 degrees AOE attack (Scarlets knocksdown, Cobalts freezes). They also have frontal extended attacks as well as stun kicks and knockback attacks. These are all fairly easy to dodge or negate.

When one of them is dies she will start meditating (takes about a minute) so you need to kill them around the same time to avoid having to fight them again.

In the next area jump down and proceed forwards. You need to kill the named mob there and then run to the other side. Over here you will get a couple of spawns of trash and then another named mob will appear which you need to kill. Once he’s dead the bridge will drop and you can carry on.

Again carry on running past mobs (or killing) until you come into a room with 2 destroyers and 3 furnaces on the sides of the room.

Bloodshade Harbor 5


Basically these furnaces shoot fire but only in straight lines (horizontally or vertically). To avoid them simply fight in either of the 4 corners of the room. Kill the destroyers, follow the path around and you will eventually come to the last boss.

Admiral Hae Mujin

Admiral Hae Mujin


Key points during the fight

  • Hae Mujin spawns a shadow of himself when he hits 80% hp.
  • The shadow goes away by itself when he gets to 50% hp so it can be ignored.
  • At 50% health Hae Mujin starts using his AOE rain attack (this attack covers parts of the room with red AOE telegraphs).
  • At 30% he spams the AOE rain attack faster.
  • If you take too long and his enrage timer activates it is a wipe as there is no way to dodge his attack at this point.

His attacks include:

  • 360 degrees red AOE
  • 360 degrees yellow AOE
  • Whirlwind attack (he spins from one side of the room to the other multiple times – make sure you move out of its path)
  • Stun and grab/throw attack (can be interrupted)
  • Leap attack (He jumps to different parts of the room multiple times)

The start of the fight is fairly easy but gets harder when he starts using his rain AOE. If you are having trouble avoiding it, run into a corner (they hit there a lot less and heal up a bit) You can also use the Blackram pots to negate damage for 10 seconds or to increase your attack damage if dps is lacking.


Bloodshade Harbor Loot


Note: The Cobalt hair and Seductress costume are only available through the 4 Player version of the dunegon

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